The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's most glaring omission



12342438_903990702983628_5514246784968968402_nA few months ago I received an eMail from a record collector advising that they had a RED vinyl Cadence 45 of Link's RUMBLE.

My first thought was that it must be a bootleg. Cadence never released RUMBLE on red vinyl. My second thought was that if it WAS a bootleg, certainly ONE more would have surfaced by now. I later discovered that Cadence pressed a few copies of an Everly Brothers 45 that were sent to radio stations. It's number was 1348, the next release after RUMBLE. So…if it was a legit pressing, still….more than ONE would have surfaced by now. Right?

As Paul Harvey would say, "And now, the rest of the story…"

This is a legitimate Cadence pressing and NOT a bootleg. The dead wax information revealed it was pressed by Monarch Plastics in February 1958, just over a month before being officially released.

The owner of this rare gem listed it on eBay with a $499 Buy It Now price. It sold in 20 minutes.

I am convinced that this was sent to radio stations and never sent to the general public. The red wax would have certainly stood out in a pile of black "new release" 45's on a radio station table.

This begs the question - why has only ONE surfaced in the last 57 years. There's little to no chance that Cadence pressed ONLY one. If you find the next one, please let us know!