The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's most glaring omission


The Abbey Pub

"Link rocked a small but attentive crowd at the Continental Club last night. I really lucked out with a business trip to Houston that coincided with the Linksters stops in Texas. Link opened with RUMBLE (as usual) and proceeded to ramp up the volume as he tore thru RAWHIDE, ACE OF SPADES, JACK THE RIPPER, and THE SWEEPER. Link elongated MR. GUITAR and a few other gems like BLACK WIDOW. Mid show Link did a nice electric version of HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS. RUMBLE ON THE DOCKS and BATMAN were both well received and at about this time Link's band mates were cashed.

Link closed with a comment about people using RUMBLE in movies and he 'get's no fuckin' money', as if he gives a shit. The show was at least an hour and a half and LInk was more energized in his second crack at RAWHIDE and RUMBLE as the opening renditions.

Link's voice and guit-fiddle chops are amazing for his time in life and his stamina was increasing during the show as the second RUMBLE take was more menacing than the first. During a quiet moment (is this possible?) I yelled to Link "we love ya Link".

The message was received and understood cause that's what its all about for the man more so than the "fuckin' money."
Link Wray - Chicago IL 2002