The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's most glaring omission


Vnuk’s Lounge


As usual , Link was in great form.  I got to the show a little late.  Knuckle Drager cancelled and I  missed The Jet City Fix.  Once I got inside, I went to order a beer and Link came on right away so, no beer for me!

The place was packed and Link opened with a few slams on his fender Strat (Screaming Red has been mysteriously absent last tour and this one too) and went right into Rumble, then Batman and Jack The Ripper.   The guys in Jet City Fix are doing a great job, this was their second show with Link and only their 4th time playing with him.   Apparently, they have the same booking agent and Link heard them and decided to go with them.

Link also played Spiderman (the Black Widow) ,  Ace Of Spades , Run Chicken Run and several others...all in all,  about a 2 hour show.  He is also playing a new song called Viva Zapata ( this one is from the '89 Ace Release Wild Side of the City Lights), where he plays a few chords as only he can with the occasional shout out to Apache, Sioux and of course , Shawnee.  He was playing this song for about 20 minutes last time I saw him in Chicago, along with some very uncharacteristically vocal opinions about the recent terrorist attacks.  Make no mistake , Link is a very proud Veteran and American!

There were plenty of autographs signed and a 3 song encore -  Batman , Jack The Ripper and he closed with Rumble( 3 times in one nite!). 

Yes it's true , Link loves his  potato chips , he was sharing them off stage with the guys from JCF after the show.  I've read that they help keep his voice in shape , and we know how important that is in our favorite instrumentals!  will give another report for next 3 shows and hopefully get an interview for the website.  I gave my card to Olive so, keep your fingers crossed and maybe we'll hear from the man himself and we'll find out where Screaming Red is hiding.  Take care and see the shows!
Link Wray - Cudahy WI 2003