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The Magic Stick

"We saw Link last night at The Magic Stick. Light turnout but a great show. The Jet City Fix says they have an album coming out in April.

My friend was waving my copy of Wray's Shack 3 Tracks and LInk stopped the show. He mentioned that he saw the record. I grabbed it and pushed my way up to the front and handed it to him. He took it, kissed the picture of his mom. Olive came over and looked at it.

I handed him a felt marker, he signed it and handed it back. Man, that was great! He broke a string and we got that too! He played almost two hours."


Greetings to Link lovers!   I was lucky to attend the first show of the 2003 "Link on the Loose" tour.  It started at the Magic Stick in Detroit Michigan on February 12, 2003.

For a Wednesday night at midnight in Detroit -  and 7degrees -  a few hundred showed  at the upstairs ballroom for the Wraymen. After a local band opened the evening, the Jet City Fix took the stage and I mean "took it"--these guys rock and rock well.  They say they have a new CD coming out in April. I will watch for it--they were good.

 A couple of the same group accompanied Link, just before midnight.  Link's wife, Olive played tambourine. He began with Rumble, Rawhide, Jack the Ripper, Run Chicken Run, and Ace of Spades.  This was a completely instrumental set.  I am used to some vocals so I was a bit disappointed.  He did an extended version of Geronimo that really kicked butt.  Link was in good shape and reminded everyone that he is 74.

He was very active and seemed to really enjoy the doing the show. I had a copy of Link Wray's Shack 3 Tracks (the first Polydor LP) and my friend was waving the album over and over in front of the stage.  e stopped the show and mentioned that he had seen the album.

I grabbed it and pushed my way to the front--handed it to him--he grabbed it and kissed the picture of his mother, mentioned how much he loved her and the record--I handed him a felt marker and begged for an autograph--he obliged and I was one screaming happy guy.  Link played for over an hour and came back for an encore that lasted for another half hour.  

He then signed autographs from the stage and the night ended about 1:45 am--I got to drive back home, about 90 miles, with plenty of great memories of a living legend and a super rock show.  Thanks Link, may you go on and on.



LINK WRAY ~ Magic Stick, Detroit, Michigan ~ Wednesday, February 12

Link Wray, the man who put the "edge" on guitar, was in Detroit on a very frigid Wednesday night for the first stop of his latest tour.  Needless to say, the weather may have been icy outside, but inside the Magic Stick, Link heated the place up to the boiling level.

The show's opening band, The Jet City Fix, from Seattle were the perfect opening act for Link.  This young band got the place going from the start of the first chord. They had the garage rock echoes of an old Iggy and the Stooges, and had the stage presence of professionals who've been rocking auditoriums for years.  Keep your eye out for these guys, I expect big things to happen for them.

Link Wray  came onstage with Justin McDonald on bass and Dana Sims on drums (both members of The Jet City Fix).  These guys weren't even born when Link was riding the crest of his popularity in the late 50's and early 60's, but they held their ground and rocked with authority while Link led them down his assault of guitar mastery.

With his hair pulled back into a pony tail and dressed in his trademark leather jacket and jeans with rolled up cuffs, Link opened the show with his signature song "Rumble."  Then it was on to many of the songs that Link's fans have come to know and expect, "Jack The Ripper, Run Chicken Run, Batman Theme" and just about everything else he could throw in.  Link also did a newer song called "Spiderman" that was very similar to the old classic "Black Widow" and it rocked.

Halfway through the show, some fan in the crowd was holding up an old album of Links.  Link told him to pass it on up to the stage, he then made some comments about his family who were pictured on the back of the record jacket, kissed the cover, autographed it and handed it back to a very excited guy in the crowd (you'd have thought the guy won the lottery by the way he hollered).  Then it was back to business as only Link can do.  One hour and a half later, Link's show closed with the song "Rumble" and the crowd was left exhausted.

Link appeared for an encore and again opened with "Rumble" went into the "Batman Theme" and "Run Chicken Run" and closed with "Rumble."  I guess if I'm going to hear "Rumble" four times in a night, what better way to hear it than from the main man himself!

I have to say that for a 73 year old guy, Link Wray can rock with the best of them.  It also appeared that Link was in a very good mood on the opening night of this tour, as he stayed at the front of the stage for about a half hour or more and signed autographs for his hardcore fans.  What a great night, as only a true legend like Link Wray can pull off.

Link Wray - Detroit MI 2003