The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's most glaring omission


The Ponderosa Stomp

  •  Link meets Scotty Moore

    Link meets Scotty Moore

  •  Link, Scotty Moore and Lazy Lester

    Link, Scotty Moore and Lazy Lester


The Master of the Power Cord - the one and only Link Wray gave a packed house - so packed in fact you couldn't get within fourty foot of the stage - a night to remember.  They came for "Rock n Roll" and they got their money's worth. You might not have been able to see "Link", but make no mistake about it you damn sure could hear him.

The Dunn, N.C. native now known the world over as the Greatest Rock Guitarist who ever lived asked the question, "Are you ready to RUMBLE?"  Up went a loud scream from hundreds of his loyal fans, "Hell yes lets RUMBLE!"  Link came back with "I Love Rock n Roll, don't you?"  Another big scream, "Hell yes, let's RUMBLE!"

Link hit the big power cord the amps went full blast and the show was on. If you had been having trouble hearing before you arrived at the show. Link made sure you could cancel your next appointment with your hearing doctor. "Helen Keller" would have appreciated Link's performance. From Rumble to the end of his performance Link let his guitar do all the talking.

He played all his International  hits and some of the recordings he personally likes and so does everyone else, Ace Of Spades, The Black Widow, Rumble On The Docks and Switchblade.  His fans wouldn't let him leave the stage, yelling "Rumble, Rumble, Rumble!"  Link encored three time and finally said "We gotta take Rumble home and put him to bed".

At 75 years of age, Link Wray is still going strong and doing what he loves best, playing Rock n Roll. At 75 when most senior citizens are in wheel chairs in nusing homes asleep at 9:pm, Link Wray is traveling the world playing for his fans and bringing them happiness and joy that will stay in their hearts forever. 

Widmarc Clark of "The Southern Legends Association" and "The Southern Legends Entertainment and Performing Arts Hall of Fame" inducted Link into the Hall of Fame. Ray Vernon and The Wraymen,  Doug Wray and Shorty Horton were also posthumously inducted. No one deserves the honor more than Link Wray.  

I spoke with Link briefly. He is the kindest most gentle prince of a man's man anyone will ever meet.  With all the International Fame that is second nature to Link now, he's still the nicest person you will ever meet.  He hasn't changed, he's the same Link Wray I met at a high school dance in 1957 in Rockville, Maryland.  When he got a break, I asked him to show me some cords he was playing on his guitar. He was tired, however he sat down and showed me all the cord progressions he had played that night. Our friendship grew from there.

Bobby Morris

The Master of the Power chord, the one and only Link Wray gave a packed house a night to remember. They came for rock and roll and they got their money's worth!
Link Wray - New Orleans LA 2005