The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's most glaring omission



Prior to the Rock Hall announcements I thought after the year Link’s legacy has had, he was a shoo-in for a nominee then would be selected as an Early Influence. Done deal.

Then they announced Sister Rosetta Tharpe as a nominee as well, and my prediction went out the door because SRT and Link are both worthy Early Influence inductees.

Link making it into the Top 5 Fan poll will be difficult - he passed away a dozen years ago, and his “first generation fans” are all pushing 80. Bon Jovi’s first gen fans all have computers and smartphones. This year’s fan poll really says a lot on how much the voting “rock fans” really know - the most influential are near the bottom of the poll.

History shows only the #1 Fan vote getter has been inducted each year. #2 thru 5 have been passed over in years past.
And it’s true, a million Fan votes equals ONE ballot vote. Sway just two ballot holders, we have doubled the results of a million Fan votes.

BUT, if the press notices Link’s slow climb in the poll, I think it may sway a ballot holder or two. Everyone loves a good underdog story.

Right now we are running the RUMBLE DVD contest on Twitter where people have to post reasons why Link should be inducted. The Rock Hall has made Twitter “the place” for Rock Hall 2018, so we are hoping the extra Link posts there may sway a ballot holder or two (or a few dozen). There’s a couple other things in the works that, if they come together, should really blow your mind.

All that being said, after the year Link’s legacy has had, this year - more than any year - is his time for the Rock Hall.