The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's most glaring omission



It only took seven days. SEVEN DAYS.

Last night I’m on Facebook, and this comes across my Facebook feed. MY picture from ANOTHER company selling our COPYRIGHTED, estate authorized Link Wray shirts! Our design and our photos have been stolen. And if that wasn’t enough, Facebook got paid to spread this theft all over the world via a sponsored ad.

I have reported this to Facebook, the website and their other website I’m waiting to see if they will do the right thing.

Your purchase of a heavy cotton, estate approved silk screened tee shirt from, guarantees ALL PROFITS go back into to the website, towards promoting the legacy of Link Wray.

Your purchase of an inferior quality, ink jet printed shirt on guarantees your money will line the pockets of a thief.

Thank you everyone for your support. Greg

Vote LINK! #rockhall2018