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A directory of Link’s appearances on radio and television. If you have additional information, or copies of any broadcasts, please get in touch.

  • Sheriff Tex Davis Radio Show
    Lucky Wray and the Palomino Ranch Hands were regulars on the Sheriff Tex Davis Radio Show, broadcast in the Portsmouth area during the late 1940's.  No known tapes exist of these broadcasts.
  • Washington DC radio
    It is also likely that Link and the Ray Men appeared on local DC stations such as WEAM and WPGC during record hops in Glen Echo Park in Maryland and other such locations.  No known tapes exist of these broadcasts.

    Two audio recordings of Robert Gordon and Link Wray from Washington DC radio does exist. One is a live radio broadcast from the Cellar Door, appearing in edited form on the Robert Gordon double CD LIVE FAST LOVE HARD.

    During the same era, Link and Robert sat down for a 45 minute “guest DJ” show consisting of music and interview, broadcast on WHFS radio.
  • NPR “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross
    Link appeared on the FRESH AIR radio show on National Public Radio at the end of the SHADOWMAN tour of the US in 1997.  The interview is approximately a half hour in length.  Link told some interesting stories in the interview, such as FDR sending his mom a certificate for a back brace. 

    Great interview, but sounds heavily edited. It's making it's rounds in trading circles.
  • The Milt Grant Show
    Link appeared on this DC version of American Bandstand numerous times, both as a headliner with the Ray Men, as well as with the Ray Men as a backing band to some of the biggest stars of the day.  Several years ago, WTTG, the local Washington DC station that hosted Milt Grant, ran a retrospective with short video clips.  There is also a video of an episode that is available on the Internet, but this episode does not feature Link or Vernon Wray.

    Upon the passing of Milt Grant, I did make contact with his secretary who advised Mr. Grant did have a cache of memorabilia from his television career, undoubtedly including several items from the Milt Grant Show. Sadly, all of his memorabilia was lost during a flood several years ago in Florida.
  • The Jack Spector Show
    Link appeared on the Jack Spector Show during the promotional tour of his Epic LP in 1960.

    This episode features Link at the end of the show doing “Trail of the Lonesome Pine” followed by a short interview. Available on YouTube.
  • Dick Clark
    During Link’s career, he appeared on American Bandstand, and Dick Clark’s Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show.

    One appearance of Link and the Ray Men has surfaced, from Dick Clark’s Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show in 1959. It is the only known sound footage of all of the original Ray Men, doing “Raw-Hide.”
    The Ray Men also appeared on American Bandstand promoting RUMBLE and JACK THE RIPPER. No known footage exists of these appearances.
  • Jerry Blavat - Joey Reynolds - Buddy Deane
    Link made appearances on these TV shows, local versions of "American Bandstand", in the 1960's.  Buddy Deane aired out of Baltimore, and Jerry Blavat and Joey Reynolds were in the Philly/NY/NJ area.  One photograph from Buddy Deane has surfaced, no known video is available.
  • Saturday Night Live
    During an interview in Atlanta in 1997, Link mentions that he appeared on Saturday Night Live with Robert Gordon during the promotion of FRESH FISH SPECIAL.  No known video is available and I can find no information that they ever appeared on SNL.

    It is possible he was thinking of DON KIRSHNER’S ROCK CONCERT, which Link and Robert did appear on.
  • Night Flight
    This show was broadcast on the USA cable network in the late 70s through early 80s.  Link made an appearance on this show with Robert Gordon.  No known video is available.
  • Musik Laden
    This is a European TV show entitled Musik Laden.  A bootleg VHS recording is available, sold from Japan with a cover listing the date as 1982, however this is incorrect.

     Link appeared backing Robert Gordon during a half hour broadcast concert in a TV studio made up to look like a night club.

    Midway into the show, Robert steps off the stage and lets Link do two songs.  Link does a great slow-tempo version of "Rumble" and a smoking version of "Baby Watcha Want Me To Do" and the vocals are fantastic.

    Available on YouTube.
  • Accordion Label
    Link appeared at PinkPop several times over the years, broadcast on Denmark TV.

    A video of Link with Jason and the Schorchers can be found on YouTube.
  • Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert
    Link and Robert appeared on this show during promotion of FRESH FISH SPECIAL. Video is available.
  • Rockpalast
    Link and Robert Gordon appeared on this show in the late 70s.  Clips have surfaced on You Tube.
  • Live at the Pardiso - Danish TV
    There was a Danish television broadcast of Link Wray LIVE AT THE PARADISO in addition to the LP / CD that is available.
  • Accordion Label
    Taped at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey in 1985, this show features about a dozen "guitar greats" including Link, Brian Setzer, Dickie Betts, Neal Schon, Lita Ford and others.  This was a one hour show, broadcast on MTV.  Link does RUMBLE and TRY TO FIND YOUR LOVE.  Link comes out at the end of the show for a finale, along with all the other performers, playing GREEN ONIONS and JOHNNY B. GOODE. An unreleased short interview is also online.

    Videos are available on YouTube.
  • British MTV
    During the 1996 shows in the UK, Link and the Ace Men appeared on British MTV. No known video exists.
  • Australian TV
    During the 1996 shows in the Australia, Link and the Ace Men appeared on Australian TV. No known video exists.
  • Conan O’Brien
    During Link's SHADOWMAN tour of the United States, he made his return to national television on the Conan O'Brien Show. Link's appearance consisted of Conan introducing Link from his desk, and Link doing RUMBLE.
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Link Wray on radio and television