The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's most glaring omission

This website was started in 1999 as LINKWRAY.HOMEPAGE.COM under the old HOMEPAGE web service. When HOMEPAGE.COM closed down, we moved over to our own website under the name LINK WRAY’S NET SHACK.

After a few years with LINK WRAY’S NET SHACK, we changed the site name to WRAY’S SHACK 3 TRACKS after Vernon Wray’s legendary recording studio in Accokeek Maryland. The site boomed shortly after Link’s passing in 2005. We were lucky enough to share fans tributes, pictures and show reviews with you. THAT is what made the website.

A couple years ago, we were fortunate enough to acquire LINKWRAY.COM. With a new name comes a brand new site design. Long overdue - Front Page 2000 and an old PC served us well for many years.

We have moved on to an iMac and the RAPIDWEAVER web program. We are at the start of another learning curve. So this website will be evolving over time.

Thanks for tuning in. We hope LINKWRAY.COM plays a part in bringing some long overdue recognition to three unsung heroes of rock and roll - Vernon, Doug and Link Wray.