The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's most glaring omission



1929 - EARLY 1950’s

  • Any documentation of the Wray family in Dunn, NC or Portsmouth, VA
  • Audio recordings of the Sheriff Tex Davis Radio Show.

1950’s through 1960’s

  • Pics of clubs Vernon and Link and the Ray Men played in and around Washington DC. This includes any items from The Ozarks, Rendezvous, Benny's Rebel Room, Rocket Room, Vinnie's, Charles Cafe, Dixie Pig, Guy's, Roundup, Red Robin, Silver Spring Armory, Hyattsville Armory, Bladensburg Firehouse, Strick's, District Heights Community Center, Ray's Used Car Lot and others.  I'm looking for vintage pics of the clubs or the buildings as they now exist.
  • Pics of the building that housed Ray Vernon's Recording Studio in D.C.
  • Live audio from radio appearances and or clubs.
  • TV appearances featuring Vernon or Link and the Ray Men from the performances of Rumble or Jack the Ripper on American Bandstand. Anything from the following “dance party” shows - Milt Grant, Buddy Deane, Joey Blavat, Jerry Reynolds.

1970's / 1980's

  • Pics of clubs Link played, with the Ray Men or Robert Gordon.  Also looking for pics of ticket stubs, gig posters, etc.
  • A physical copy of the Shorty Horton Tribute LP released on Vermillion.
  • An audio recording of Doug Wray at Howard's Restaurant in Waldorf, with Link sitting in with the band.
  • Live audio from radio appearances or video from clubs.
  • TV appearances featuring Link or Robert Gordon from the old USA Networks NIGHT FLIGHT show, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and others
  • A copy of Vernon Wray's SUPERSTAR AT MY HOUSE on cassette or 8 track.

1990's / 2000's

  • Pics and information on Link's shows in the UK, USA and Australia.  
  • Audio and video from any live shows or TV appearances, especially the UK and Australia shows of the late 1990s.
  • Anything and everything else.